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Welcome to AGRIMONY!

If you’re looking to bring a little cheer into a friend’s life (be it a cat lover or a cat), a funny cat gift is a wonderful way to brighten their day, especially tied to the holiday season.

We are a group of cat lovers who have decided to gather the most amazing cat-related gift products we can find for our cat lovers. We expanded our fulfillment center a year later so that the majority of our products will be QC'd, packaged, and shipped from our warehouse. AGRIMONY shop offers the best prices and a one-of-a-kind global shopping experience. Our team works hard to ensure that each order is processed quickly and completely so that you receive your purchased item in the best possible condition.

What is it that inspires us?

We were shocked to discover that the service for cats in typical pet stores was inadequate. The dog section usually takes up the majority of the space in the store, while the cat section is dwarfed.

Cats' needs are not as well understood as those of dogs, owing in part to the fact that cats are "tamed" much less than dogs. Needless to say, the original purpose of cat breeding was not to create today's lovely and lively Internet sensation, but to perform a task for humans - "hunting and killing" to protect our food supply and our homes from rodents and reptiles.

Because we frequently keep cats at home (the safest place), it is critical that we make them successful - make compromises when necessary, and provide appropriate stimulation, enrichment, comfort, and care.

We tend to deprive them of their genetic needs whether we are aware of it or not because it is convenient for us. Cats will become weak, overeat, oversleep, and frequently become ill if their needs are not met.

Fortunately, there has been a surge in beautifully designed cat products created by cat experts. Cat products were previously scarce, unappealing, and ineffective. We are now seeing a greater emphasis on products that meet the needs of cats in order to make cats happier and healthier, as well as to strengthen the bond between cats and people. We anticipate that this will continue indefinitely as long as cats are accepted as companions.


(1)High-Quality products

As a brand striving to provide customers with the products, Door of shopping carefully selects top-quality supplies at the best prices. Pet houses, pet supplies, household supplies, etc of high quality.

(2)Strict Quality Inspection

We have strict Quality Inspection before shipping, ensuring all products meet a consistent quality standard and users' requirements.

(3)After-sale service

We have Customer Service, please contact us :

Email: service@agrimony.shop
Telephone:+86 18898540518
Company: Guangzhou Youaisi Trading Co., Ltd
No. 106, Fengze East Road
Nansha District, Guangzhou City
Guangdong 511466

Service hours: Mon-Fri 9 am to 6 pm EST.